If we are going to prepare any competitive exam like UGC-NET, IBPS, SSC, GATE, IITJEE, NEET,UPSC, STATE PSC, RAILWAY etc. and Aptitude is mentioned in syllabus, Then you have to face Percentage related questions. May in form of allegation, data interpretation, number system etc. Its a easy topic as most of the aspirants gives opinions but easy only for those who understand by basic. Actually its a easy one its not need any formula if understand it basic. In this article, we provide you a short and effective way for Percentages. We listed formulas and short-cuts for Percentage questions. PERCENTAGES SOLUTIONS TRICKS FORMULA SHORTCUTS .


Overall percentage related questions can be solved by without formulas but you need to remember its basic. Try to make problem in the form of 100 base. Assume base value is 100.

Example: A book price is 750. First day it price reduced 20% but next day its price increase by 20%. Find out how much loss or gain of book.

Let book price is 100

So 100 = 750 => 1  = 7.5

After reduction 20%  100 become 80 then increase  20% further but remember its 20% of 80 so 20% of 80 is 16

So 80+16=96 means it is less than 100 by 4 (loss)

We know 1 = 7.5 => 4 = 7.5×4= 30. So loss of 30.


The following list of important formulas for Percentage is here. PERCENTAGES SOLUTIONS TRICKS FORMULA SHORTCUTS

1. Percent means “for every hundred”.
% is read as percentage and x % is read as x per cent.

2. To calculate p % of y
(p/100) x  y = (p x y)/100

p %  of  y = y’s  % of p

Example: 5% of 150

3. To find what percentage of x is y: y/x × 100

Example: findout whats % of 200 is 15.

4. To find out percentage change in value
Percentage change = {change/(initial value)} x 100

Example: A village population increased from 1000 to 1200. Findout change in %.

5. Percentage point change = Difference of two percentage figures

6. Increase N by S % then N becomes = N( 1+ S/100 )

Example. Ram salary is 5000. His salary increased by 10%. findout new salary.

7. Decrease N by S % Then N becomes = N (1 – S/100)

Example: Ram salary is 5000. His salary decrease by 10%. findout new salary.


Below 8, 9, 10, problems solved by single formula. Just remember how it use and where. PERCENTAGES SOLUTIONS TRICKS FORMULA SHORTCUTS

8. If the value of an item goes up/down by x%, then percentage reduction/increment to be now made to bring it back to the original point is = 100*x/ (100 +‍/- x) %.

Example: let A pen price is 100 and its decrease by 20% then its new price is 80. How much % of new price need to become again orinal price (100).

By formula 100* 20/ (100-20) = 2000/80 = 25%

Same example for increase then 100*20 (100+20) = 2000/120 =50/3 % need to become again 100.

9. If A is x% more /less than of B, then B is 100x/(100 + x) % less/more than A.

Example: if A is 20% less than of B then B= 100*20/100-20 = 25% more than A

Same as for more case

10. If the price of an item goes up/down by x %, then the quantity consumed should be increase, reduce by 100x/ (100 + x)% so that the total expenditure remains the same.

Example: if price reduce consumption increase and price increase consumption decrease

11. Successive Percentage Change
If there are successive percentage increases of a % and b%, the effective percentage increase is:
{(a + b + (ab/100)}%

Example: Ram buy a book in 100. He decide new price  to sell it on 10% margin. Next day He again increase it price 20% of new price. Find out Book latest price.

10+20 (10*20/100) = 30+2 = 32%



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