Lohri festival is enjoyed all over india because this festival has some energy and whenever this festival come, always bring happiness, joy and togetherness. Lohri is a fun Indian punjabi Festival. It is celebrated on 13th Jan of each year. Next morning is makar sakranti and pongal (festival of soth ndia). Lohri is a Punjabi festival which is celebrated by all peoples before the Makar Sankranti in northern India with collecting some piece of wood at one place and they fire this wood at midnight, the day of Lohri and they worship on this day for Fire. Lohri is always celebrated after the New Year and in the month of January at the time of winter. After it winter start to decrease. the day of Lohri, all Children’s collect money and Lohri together at their local places and bonfire is made at the midnight on the same day and on that time they eat (Lohri Festival Foods) sweet, MOONGFALI, Popcorn, rewdi, gazzak patti etc. by sitting around the bonfire. They also throw all sweets and popcorn into the bonfire and, all of them walking around the bonfire in one line and dance together.  The day is enjoyed with full of grace and celebrate with full of fun, it always brings well wishes to you friends, relative and your family on this occasion .


This Festival is most important in Punjab’s life and on the day of the festival all punjabis get ready and they wear some special traditionally clothes on day of the fest for celebrating Lohri in a unique way. It is celebrated mainly in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, up and Himachal Pradesh where Punjabi, North Indian population is high. 


Say Happy lohri in punjabi gives amazing feeling to everyone, Specially hindi bhasi people’s. Punjabi language is one of the sweetest spoken language. Here is lohri wishes in punjabi, hindi, english languages. Downloag lohri wishes images, quotes, msg, text, whatsapp status, facebook status in punjabi , pics, greeting cards, etc.

Wish you a Happy Lohri 2020

मक्की दी रोटी ते सरसों दा साग, सूरज दिया करण,खुशियां दी बहार, ढोल दी आवाज ते नचदी मुटियार,मुबारक होव सरकार लोहरी दा त्यौहार..
Happy Lohri to all.

लोहरी की आग में दहन हो सारे गम
खुशियां आए आप के जीवन में हरदम Happy Lohri to all

लोहरी कि आग आपके दुखों को जला दे,
आग की रोशनी आपकी जिंदगी उजालें भर दे,
लोहरी का प्रकाश आपकी जिंदगी प्रकाशमय कर दे! जैसे-जैसे लोहड़ी की आग तेज़ हो
वैसे-वैसे हमारी दुखों का अंत हो! HAPPY LOHRI.

Happy lohri wishes 2020 in english Hindi:

Say happy lohri to your friends, lover, cousins, uncle, aunty, brother, sister, wife each one. It is festival when we forget our enemies and love them by Hugh. It is festival to make smile to our beloved one who are unhappy with us. Give them happy lohri wishes images, quotes, msg pics, text, whatsapp status, facebook status , pics, greeting cards, etc.

On this auspicious day of Lohri, I wish you to have all peace and prosperity, Let this festival bring endless happiness to you and your family, Wish you Happy Lohri!

May this festival of zeal and verve fill your life with lots of energy and enthusiasm and may it help you bring happiness and prosperity to you and your loved ones.” Happy Lohri All!

“May this Lohri bring the best opportunity so your way, to explore every joy of life, turning all your dream into reality and all your efforts into huge achievements. Happy Lohri”

“May this festival of zeal and verve fill your life with lots of energy and enthusiasm that would bring ultimate prosperity to you. Happy Lohri”

“Hope this grand celebrations of Lohri completes your life with utmost love and joys. Wish you a very Happy Lohri”

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