Recently FCI announced manager trainee post in different category all over india. North Zone, North East Zone, West Zone and South Zone have there respective vacancy. Previous examination MT held on 25 october 2015. There was two paper stage 1 and stage 2. Stage 1 paper was common to all category like JE civil, mechanical, technical and AG 3 post General,depot, technical and Manager post also. Here we discuss for FCI MANAGER PREVIOUS QUESTION PAPER 1 of stage first.


FIRST stage question paper is common to all posts in FCI recruitment. first paper consist three section general awareness, numerical aptitude, and reasoning questions. who qualified for first stage would be eligible for stage 2 examination. paper 1 consists total 120 objective type questions. time duration for examination is 90 minutes. there is 1/4 negative marking for each wrong answer. In 2015 FCI manger cut off was low category wise. this year competition would be tougher.

Food Corporation of India MT question paper 2015:

here is questions and answer given below. you can download this last year question paper from fcijobportal.com.

Remember : more than 5 question comes from Computer subject with deep knowledge in General awareness questions. these questions are turning point to crack this stage 1 examination.

Q. In this question, find the missing number from given responses.
341 (16) 521, 613 (25) 816, 452 (?) 326
(1) 22 (2) 27
(3) 36 (4) 49


Q. Humayunama has been authored by:
(1) Firdausi (2) Gulbadan Beghum
(3) Abul Fazal (4) Kazi Nazrul Islam


Q.Which Tala has sixteen Maathrass:
(1) Jhaptal (2) Roopak Taal
(3) Teen Tala (4) Aadi Tala


Q. In which state is the Gol Gumbaz located:
(1) Karnataka (2) Maharashtra
(3) Uttar Pradesh (4) Bihar


In this question, select the related number.
DE : 25 : : HI : ?
(1) 52 (2) 45
(3) 82 (4) 27


IPv6 address is of?
(1) 256 bits (2) 128 bits
(3) 64 bits (4) None of these


Puneeta borrowed from Reena certain sum for two years at simple interest. Puneeta lent this sum to Venu at the same rate for two years compound interest. At the end of two years she received 110 AS COMPOUND INTEREST BUT PAID 100 as simple interest. Find the sum and rate of interest:
(1) 250, rate 10% per year

(2) 250, rate 20% per annum
(3) 250, rate 25% per annum
(4) None of these


DOS can not retrieve any data from a disk if a computer virus corrupts the __ of the computer:
(1) File allocation table
(2) BAT files
(3) Root Directory Area
(4) Directory Area


Ajay can do a piece of work in 25 days and Sanjay can finish it in 20 days. They work together for 5 days and then Ajay goes away. In how many days will Sanjay finish the remaining work?
(1) 11 days (2) 12 days
(3) 14 days (4) None of these



Given that.

  1. A is the brother of B 2. C is the father of A
  2. D is the brother of E 4. E is the daughter of B
    Then the uncle of ‘D’ is:
    (1) E (2) B (3) C (4) A
  3. ANSWER-4

Examine the following statements:

  1. Shivam scored more than Shivani
  2. Shivani scored less than Shivangi
  3. Shivangi scored more than Shivam
  4. Isha scored more than Shivam but less than Shivangi
    Who scored the highest?
    (1) Shivam (2) Isha
    (3) Shivani (4) Shivangi ANSWER-4

There are 100 students in a particular class. 60% students play cricket, 30% students play football and 10% students play both the games. What is the number of students who play neither cricket nor football?
(1) 25 (2) 18
(3) 20 (4) 15


Which number will come next in place of ( _ _ ) in the given series? 3, 20, 63, 144, 275, ( _ _ )
(1) 354 (2) 548
(3) 468 (4) 554


Typhoid fever is caused by?
(1) Virus (2) Bacteria
(3) Fungus (4) None of these


One star is going away from the Earth. Then the observer on the Earth will experience:
(1) Decrease in wave length
(2) Increase in wave length
(3) No change in wave length
(4) None of these ANSWER-2

Most of the ozone in the atmosphere is concentrated in the:
(1) Ionosphere (2) Mesosphere
(3) Stratosphere (4) Troposphere ANSWER-3

AMRUT Mission of Government of India relates to:
(1) Transforming cities & towns into smart cities
(2) Health sector
(3) Agriculture sector
(4) Food Processing sector


Verification of a login name and password is known as?
(1) Configuration (2) Accessibility
(3) Authentication (4) Logging in


GST bill introduced in Lok Sabha on December 19, 2014 is the constitutional amendment bill:
(1) One Hundred & Twenty first amendment bill, 2014
(2) One Hundred & Twenty second amendment bill, 2014
(3) One Hundred & Twenty fourth amendment to the constitution
(4) One Hundred & Nineteenth amendment bill, 2013 ANSWER-2

Array is the
(1) Linear data structure (2) Non linear data structure
(3) Complex data structure (4) Simple data structure


As per the World Happiness report 2015 published by SDSN, who has been named the happiest country of the World:
(1) Denmark (2) Norway
(3) Switzerland (4) Canada ANSWER-3

Surya Kiran–VII is the joint military exercise of India with which neighboring South Asian country?
(1) Bhutan (2) Bangladesh
(3) Sri Lanka (4) Nepal ANSWER-4

DIRECTIONS: (Question No. a & b) In the following questions, each question is followed by two statements labelled I and II in which certain data is given. You have to decide whether the data given in the statements are sufficient to answer the question. Using the data given, together with our everyday knowledge, choose.
A. If statement I alone is sufficient to answer the question but statement II alone is not sufficient to answer the question.
B. If statement II alone is sufficient to answer the question but statement I alone is not sufficient to answer the question
C. If both statements I and II together are sufficient to answer the question but neither alone is sufficient to answer the question
D. If I and II are not sufficient to answer the question and more data is required

a. What marks have been obtained by Ramesh?
I. Ramesh’s marks are average of marks of Namita and Anita
II. Namita obtained 80 marks and this is 33% more than the marks obtained by Anita
(1) A (2) B
(3) C (4) D ANSWER-3

b. A certain bookshop sold, 92 copies of “Geet Gata Chal” by Atal Bihari Vajpayee during the first day. What percentage of stock of this book did he sell on that day:
I. The total number of books with this title on stock is 230.
II. There are a total of 1000 books in his store.
(1) A
(2) B
(3) C
(4) D ANSWER-1

Find the incorrectly matched item?
(1) Country who won the Women’s Hockey World Cup, 2014 – The Neatherland
(2) Harika Dronavalli associated with game – Chess
(3) Australian open 2015, Women’s single title winner – Serena Williams
(4) 2014, Wimbledon Champion in women segment – Eugenie Bouchard


Tick the incorrect statement with reference to current affairs:
(1) India is the fifth biggest producer of e-waste in the World as per UN report
(2) Sri Lanka Parliament recently adopted the 19th constitutional amendment with an overwhelming majority
(3) Protection under section 197 of CrPc was only available to a public servant for honest discharge of his duty as per recent Supreme Court Verdict
(4) Chennai Super Kings defeated Mumbai Indians in the final winning Indian Premier League title recently in Kolkata


The BRICS Bank would have its headquarter in?
(1) India (2) Russia
(3) China (4) South Africa


Permanent instructions that the computer uses when it is turned on and that can not be changed by other instructions are contained in?
(1) ROM (2) RAM
(3) REM (4) None of these ANSWER-3

If any industrial unit is to be declared as sick unit, it will be referred to:
(1) BIFR (2) DRT

DIRECTIONS: (Question No. a to c) A survey is conducted on 800 software engineers. It was found that 45.625% of them know C# language, 56.875% of them know VB and 47.5% know Java. The percentage of software engineers who know C# and VB but not Java is 17.5% and those who know VB and Java but not C# are 15.625%. The percentage of software engineers who knows C# and Java but not VB is 9.375%. The total number of software engineers who only know Java is 150. Answer the question based on the in formation.

a. How many engineers know all three languages?
(1) 24 (2) 30
(3) 36 (4) None of these ANSWER-3

b. The total number of software engineers who know exactly one language out of given three:
(1) 280 (2) 360
(3) 450 (4) None of these ANSWER-3

c. The total number of software engineers who only know C# is:
(1) 120 (2) 130
(3) 115 (4) None of these ANSWER-1

The vitamin that helps to prevent infections in human body?
(1) Vitamin A (2) Vitamin B
(3) Vitamin C (4) None of these



Which of the following is the highest mountain peak in South India:
(1) Anai Mudi (2) Doda Beta
(3) Mahendragiri (4) Dhupgarh ANSWER-1

The age of the Earth is approximately 1.3 × 1017 seconds, and one year is approximately 3.2 × 107 seconds. Which of the following is closest to the age of the Earth in years?
(1) 2.5 × 109 (2) 4.1 × 109
(3) 1.9 × 1010 (4) 2.5 × 1011


DIRECTIONS: (Question No. a to e) Study the table below to answer these questions. The table gives the percentage distribution of population of five states Punjab, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Tamilnadu on the basis of poverty line and also on the basis of gender.

2. Percentage of Population Below Poverty Line
3. Population of Males & Females
Below Poverty Line M : F
4. Population of Males & Females
Above Poverty Line M : F
5 : 6
6 : 7
3 : 5
4 : 5
1 : 2
2 : 3
3 : 2
4 : 3
5 : 3
3 : 2

a. If the male population above poverty line for the state Rajasthan is 1.9 million then the total population of the state Rajasthan is?
(1) 4.5 Million (2) 6.25 Million
(3) 5.35 Million (4) None of these


b. What will be the number of male population above poverty line for the state Punjab if the female population below poverty line for Punjab is 2.1 Million?
(1) 2.1 Million (2) 2.3 Million
(3) 2.7 Million (4) 3.3 Million


c. What will be the number of females above poverty line in the state Karnataka if it is known that the population of Karnataka is 7 million?
(1) 3 Million (2) 2.43 Million
(3) 1.33 Million (4) 5.7 Million


d. If the population of males below poverty line for state Uttarakhand is 2.4 million and that for the state Tamilnadu is 6 million, then total population of states Uttarkhand and Tamilnadu are in the ratio?
(1) 1:3 (2) 2:5 (3) 3:7 (4) 4:9


e.If the population of males below poverty line for state Uttarakhand is 1.2 million and that for the state Tamilnadu is 3 million, then total population of states Tamilnadu and Uttarkhand are in the ratio:
(1) 1.5:1 (2) 2.5:1 (3) 3.5:1 (4) 4.5:1


Tagore was the first Asian to win Nobel Prize for literature. The second Asian to win Nobel prize for literature belongs to which country?
(1) China (2) Japan
(3) India (4) Pakistan ANSWER-2

Which of the following medium is used between CPU & RAM to speed up the processing power of a CPU?
(1) Virtual Memory (2) D RAM
(3) Flash Memory (4) Cache Memory


DIRECTIONS: (Question No. 01 to 04) A short passage is given. After the passage you will find questions based on that passage. First read the passage and answer questions based on it.
The prisoner awaited his chance. For three solid years he had schemed for this opportunity. Now that escape seemed so near at hand, those three years lost some of their monotony. But he would never forget the lashes, the close confinement, low diet, and worse still the mental strain of those black days. Suddenly the warden did what he hoped. He stopped to unlock the lower padlock. With a dull thud he slumped forward with keys in his hands. Swiftly the prisoner seized his keys, unlocked the cell, and ran into the courtyard. It took him four seconds to reach the rope ladder secretly placed there by his accomplices, five more to clamber over the wall, and three more to jump into the waiting car to be whisked away to freedom. Even though he was guilty, the prisoner felt he had paid for his crime, for the man he had robbed three years ago was still a millionaire.

What had been the crime of prisoner:
(1) Robbery (2) Murder
(3) Arson (4) Cheating


Who slumped forward with a dull thud?
(1) The millionaire (2) The prisoner
(3) The Warden (4) Prisoner accomplice


Who had placed the rope ladder:
(1) Warden
(2) Prisoner
(3) Millionaire
(4) Accomplice


When had the crime been committed
(1) Just before escape
(2) Three years earlier
(3) Long ago
(4) Day earlier

DIRECTIONS: Choose the correct passive voice of the sentence given in the question.

Is the noise not disturbing the old man?
(1) Is the old man not being disturbed by the noise?
(2) Whether the old man is not being disturbed by the noise?
(3) Do the old man not being disturbed by the noise?
(4) Let the old man not be disturbed by the noise.


Choose the correct option for the sentence: ‘Many conjuring tricks depend upon optical _
(1) delusions (2) allusions
(3) illusions (4) resolution


What does ‘to put one’s best foot forward’ mean?
(1) to give oneself up
(2) to disclose a secret
(3) to march in a straight line
(4) to make a good first impression


DIRECTIONS: Against each key word are given four suggested meaning. Choose the word or phrase which is nearest in meaning to the key word.

(1) Ambition
(2) Eagerness
(3) Promptness
(4) Harshness


DIRECTIONS: Change the following sentences into reported speech.

Shashi said “ I plan to leave for Australia next week”:
(1) Shashi said that he had planned to leave for Australia next week.
(2) Shashi told that he planned to leave for Australia next week.
(3) Shashi said that he planned to leave for Australia the following week
(4) Shashi told that he had planned to leave for Australia the following week.


Read the sentence and choose the antonyms of the Underlined Word among the alternative words or phrases as (1), (2), (3) and (4).
The superintendent looked very grumpy.
(1) Surly (2) Pleasant
(3) Efficient (4) Honest

DIRECTIONS: In the following question, fill in the blanks by selecting a choice which is in keeping with good English usage.

The friend writes faster ……….:
(1) Than me
(2) Than myself
(3) Than I
(4) Than self

DIRECTIONS: In this question, four words numbered (1), (2), (3) and (4) have been given of which one may be wrongly spelt. The number of that word is your answer.

(1) Gynacology (2) Habitual
(3) Inheritance (4) Manipulative

DIRECTIONS: Find the one word substitution in the following question.

Animals that can live both on land and water are called:
(1) Amorphous (2) Amphibian
(3) Aquatic (4) Versatile


Plural of the word “ Shelf”:
(1) Selves
(2) Shelves
(3) Shelfs
(4) Selfish


Fill in the appropriate conjunction:
Cover all the cut fruit ……. flies ….. sit on them.
(1) Lest, should
(2) Lest, should not
(3) Otherwise, should
(4) Otherwise, should not


In the question given below a sentence is broken into FOUR parts. Join these parts to make a meaningful sentence. The correct order of parts is the answer.

  1. As we rarely get tip offs
  2. From student’s community
  3. It is hard to nab
  4. Drug peddlers in the campus

(1) 3, 4, 1, 2
(2) 1, 2, 3, 4
(3) 2, 3, 1, 4
(4) 3, 4, 2, 1


Complete the following sentence.
The old man’s condition looks very serious and it doubtful if he will _.
(1) Pull through (2) Pull out
(3) Pull up (4) Pull back

Identify the incorrect sentence among the alternatives:
(1) Either Ram or Shyam will give his book.
(2) All the students of the class are friendly; they love one another.
(3) Ram I and you have finished our studies.
(4) Ram is older than all other boys of this area.

Identify the correct form of reported speech of the following sentence among the following alternatives:
The teacher said , “Delhi became an Union Territory in 1956”
(1) The teacher said that Delhi had been an union territory since 1956.
(2) The teacher said that Delhi was to be an union territory in 1956.
(3) The teacher said that Delhi had become an union territory in 1956.
(4) The teacher said that Delhi became an union territory in 1956.

Complete the sentence using a proper preposition:
He was advised to abstain _ all alcoholic drinks.
(1) In (2) From
(3) At (4) By

Select the one that completes the given sentence in a grammatically correct way.
Mumps _ a dangerous disease for pregnant women.
(1) is (2) are
(3) were (4) Have been

Identify the correct form of reported speech of the following sentence among the following alternatives:
He said, “Shall I begin the discussion?”
(1) He inquired if he should begin the discussion.
(2) He said if he would begin the discussion.
(3) He told if he would begin the discussion.
(4) He asked if he would begin the discussion.

Arrange the following sentences/phrases in a coherent sequence and select the corresponding choice from (1), (2), (3) and (4).
Jumbled sentences/phrases.
M He was confused
N He made a wrong choice
O Ram attended the test
P He tried to guess the answer
Q about a question

Fill the correct article.
Ramesh’s father is _ M.P and Suresh’s father is _ Member of Legislative Assembly:
(1) A, An
(2) An, An
(3) An, A
(4) An, The

Fill in the gap with suitable preposition:
Yoghurt is different _ plain curd.
(1) from (2) than
(3) by (4) of


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