Answer Key UP Constable 2018 Exam Shift wise | Examination not canceled

Now issue a notification regarding correction of answer key. new answer key uploded soon.

OFFICIAL SWER KEY RELEASED: UP police Constable exam 2018 official answer key of 18th & 19th june shifts has been uploaded. Downloads there respective omr sheets answer key. Use your application number and date of birth  to login.

18th june 2018 shift :

Morning – Download here.

Evening- Download here .

19th june shifts:

Morning- Download here .

Evening- Download here .

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NO CANCELLATION UP police constable Examination held on 18th and 19th june: on 22th june up police recruitment and promotional board clearly mention, exam is not cancel. It is just a rumours spreading on social media. So don’t panic , result under process. It is rumour same question paper asked in 2 shifts. On 23th june answer sheet related queries are asked and receive the requests. For deail notification read it below.

Up Constable Exam not cancel

check here: Cut off up constable exam 2018.

Now Race has been started for 41520 up police Constable exam 2018. This recruitment conducted on 18th and 19th june. Now every student  curious about know his/her performance in written examination. Here we disscuss   Answer Key UP Constable 2018 Exam Shift 1 conduct on 18.06.2018. As we look toward examination its not a easy exam. It’s average level of difficulty. This exam depend on uttar pradesh genral awareness and apptitute questions. Because these two section can’t be solve without knowledge and practice. Overall Exam was good. Last year up Constable exam 2016 cutoff was medium level. Its interesting to see its cutoff. Official answer would be release by official site http:// within 10 days. Here we giving unofficial answer key of first shift exam.

Answer Key UP Constable 2018 Exam Shift First:

First shift exam starting in the morning. Test Booklet No. A-FN  questions answer given below.


1D. varansi51C.  I101C
2A. AMU52A. nirdos hona102A
3D. kannuj53B. sakti sampan……103C
6C.sherry rahman56D106C
9A.cambridge analytica59C109C delhi60B110A
11D.lord clive61C111B
12B. banda bhadur62A112C
13C. chaudhary rahmat ali63B113C
14B jaliwalan64B114D
15C. maharastra65B115A
16D. wular66C116D
17D. usa67B117A
18D 200968D118A
19A ujjain69C119A
20A measles and rubel70C120A
21C allahabad71C121D
22B junagarh72A122B
23D uttar pradesh73C123C
24C tamilnadu74A124C
25A rajendra prasad75B125A
26B mahaviracharya76B126A
27A veerpa moli77A127C
28B gorkhpur78C128D
29C fatepur sikri79C129B
30D mount kanchijanga80A130C
31D palas81B131C
32D galblader82C132D
33C 199383D133C
34D ringworn84C134D
35B. UP85C135C
36C prem bihari narayna86D136B
37B biotin87D137B
38D allahabad88B138A
39A achraj89A139A
40D usan90A140C
41A surya91C141A
42B durlabh92D142D
43A vayu agni93C143A
44C pra94A144A
45D aawat95A145C
46B maha + utsav96B146D
47A maine97C147B
48C tat purush98D148B
49D kirya vachhya99B149C
50D aur100B150C

Exam analysis topic wise Answer Key UP Constable 2018 Exam :

Here is complete detail analysis topic wise as genral hindi, numerical ability,Reasoning ability, genral knowledge.


TopicNo of Questions
मुहावरे/लोकोक्ति,si/ci,blood relation,sport2,3,3,1
शुद्ध वर्तनी,average,series,biology3,1,3,3
अनेकार्थी,time work,odd out,Geography1,2,9,4,
गद्यांश,speed distance,venn diagram,polity5,2,3,3
विलोम / पर्यायवाची,mensuration,mirror image, history1,1,2,9
अलंकार,analogy,analogy,current affairs1,6,7,5
लिंग परिवर्तन,odd out,water image,statics2,1,1,8
तत्सम / तत्भव,operation,cube1,1,1
विशेषण,simplification ,statement conclusion1,3,3
एकवचन,hcf/lcm,missing term1,1,2
कारक,ratio,coding decoding1,1,4
सर्वनाम,direction sense,1,2
क्रिया,data Sufficiency,1,3
शब्दार्थ,profit loss,2,2
Total37,37,38,38 (150)

Answer Key UP Constable 2018 Exam Shift 2 questions paper answer would be updated soon.

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