UP assistant primary teacher result declared. Only 41556 candidates qualified exam successfully. Total 107873 candidates appeared for this examination.


GENRAL/OBC -> 67 marks (45%).
SC/ST/etc –> 60 marks (40%).

Up 68500 vacancy cutoff

Revised answer key has been published on 19th june 2018 official site . A special team found 10 questions have more than 5 answers, 33 questions have more than one correct answers . Check here to download answer key

Up assistant teacher vacancy official answer key has released now. You can download by following link

Up assistant teacher 68500 official answer key:


UP assistant primary teacher 68500 vacancy exam conducted successfully on 27.05.2018. Surprisingly examination was  not easy because it was subjective type not objective. If it was objective, it would be very easy exam. Objective questions have 4 choices so if we know little bit about question then we can give the answer on the basis of options given. But subjective type questions must have 100% knowledge because if you know little bit you can not write proper or exact  answer. 107908 candidates appear for 68500 vacancies. It’s clear cutoff of this exam would e very low. In this artical discuss about ANSWER KEY UP ASSISTANT PRIMARY TEACHER 68500 VACANCY and cut off marks for all categories.


it’s very very important exam for thousands of shiksha mitra future. It is not easy for shiksha mitra to clear this exam because most of them are not well competitive as current competition level. Cut off marks for them would be lower. Cutoff marks and ANSWER KEY UP ASSISTANT PRIMARY TEACHER 68500 VACANCY is here.


As so many appeared aspirants share there view about exam. Exam level was medium. If we talk about cutoff for this exam . Total 125745 number of  applications receive and only 107908 candidates appear for this examination. As we know total no of vacancy is 68500. So cutoff would be very low for written examination.  its also depends on 10th,12th, Graduation, BTC marks. Criteria for Selection is below.

Due to huge number of vacancy. It is certain cut off of this exam will be minimum qualifying marks as decided by up government. 

Expected cut off for non SHIKSHA MITTRA:

It is highest cut off marks . It may much low.

General: 75 marks

OBC NCL: 70 marks

SC : 55 marks

ST: 50 marks

FF: 50 marks


General: 60 marks

OBC NCL: 55 marks

SC: 50 marks

ST: 50 marks

  • The Exam Was Written Subjective Type.
  • The Total Weightage would carry 60% of Written Exam and Each 10% of High School, Intermediate, Graduation & BTC Marks
  • Total  150 Very Short Questions.
  • The  1 marks for each Questions.
  • The Exam time 03 Hours.


There is 150 questions of 1 marks each in this examination. All questions belong to very short subjective type Hindi ,English, Sanskrit, Aptitude,Reasoning, Computer, General knowledge, etc. Answer key of all 150 questions updated soon. OFFICIAL  ANSWER KEY UP ASSISTANT PRIMARY TEACHER 68500 VACANCY UPDATED ON .

Q. In which state loktak lake is situated.

Answer  Manipur.

Q. Durand Cup associated with which game.

Answer.  Football

Q. What is new name of Kandla airport, which recently changed

Answer.  Deendyal Port

Q. World Human Right day celebrated on which date.

Answer. 10th December

Q. SUN Temple located at which place in Odisha.

Answer. Konark

Q. In 1893 in which city swami vivekanand delivered inspiring speech…..

Answer. Shikago

Q. Which city is India’s cleanest as per savach sarvekshan 2017

Answer. Indore.

Q. Which planet called ‘Red planet’.

Answer. Marsh ( mangal grah)

Q. On which date world environment day observed.

Answer. 5th June.

Q. Who was selected for vyas samman 2017.

Answer.  Mamta kaliya

Q. Who has selected best actor award for 64th National Film award.

Answer. Akshay Kumar

Q. Who is full fledged first women defense minister of India.

Answer.  Nirmala Sitaraman.

Q. Who is the author of book ‘ Everst ki Beti’.

Answer. Arunima sinha.

Q. On which date the word toilet day celebrated.

Answer.  19th November .

Q. in which year national litrace mission was launched
answer. 5th may 1988
Q. which artical of the constitution discuss fundamental duties of citizens.
answer. 51a

Q. if teacher help student in selecting subjects. this role called
Answer. Pramarshdata- Hindi
Q. To insure participation of more studentsin class, which method of teaching you would adopt.
Answer. sahbhagi shiksha
Q. 1:1 guidance for one’s personal problem called
Answer. vayktigat nirdeshan.
Q. Which record maintain to verify the ability interest,aptitude and response of the students.
Answer. student profile.
Q. Punishment is which type of reinforcement.
Answer. negative punarbalya- Hindi.
Q. Using voting rights during election is related with which type of value.
Answer. savedhanik moolya – Hindi.
Q. Who was the chairman of Emotional Integration Committee.
Answer. Dr. Sampoornanand
Q. which body determine the professional norms for teaching.
Answer. NCTE
Q. Brain storming technique emphasis’s the importance of ……thinking in teaching gifted children’s.
Answer. sarjnatmakta – Hindi
Q. an infant of below 15 month is at what stage of language development.
Answer. prarmbhik sabdh and vakya vikas – Hindi
Q programed Learning is based on which theory of learning.
Answer. B.S. Skinner.
Q. Originality, flexibility and flow are the component of…
Answer. sarjnatkmata- Hindi
Q.kohlberg theory explain…?..development of children.
Answer.natik- hindi
Q. Who advocate the trail and error theory of learning.
Answer. tharndike.
Q. What is the right order of feeble mindedness based in IQ.
Answer. mand vardhi,alp vardhi, jadh vardhi – Hindi

Q. The process of assimilation and accommodation is related to
Answer. sangyatmak vikash.
Q. Acording to Gagne’s learning hierarchy highest stage of learning is…?
Answer. samanyakaran-hindi.
Q. RCI establish for which type of children’s to give them education.
Answer. viklang and divyangya – hindi.
Q. Name the pala king who found the vikramashila university.
Answer. Dhrampaal.
Q. which indian state produce lagest sugar.
Answer. Uttar Pradesh.
Q. The 48th indian film festival held in.
Answer. Goa.
Q. In which year Government of Uttar Pradesh launched Bhagya Lakshmi Yojna.?
Answer. 2006 to 2007.
Q. Who appointed new chairman of the CBFC in aug 2017.
Answer.Prasun joshi
Q. Who has become first women pilot in Indian Navy.
Answer. subhangi sawroop.
Q. Jallikattu related to which state?
Answer. Tamilnadu
Q. Bharat kala bhavan situated at.
Answer. Varansi up
Q. UP which state known as shiraz of India.
Answer. Jaunpur.
Q. Paper Gold is known as.
Answer. S.D.R. (I.M.F).
Q. Who recieve Indira gandhi peace prize 2017 for disarmament and development.
Answer. Manmohan singh.
Q. Naimisharanya located at….. in UP.
Answer. Sitapur.
Q. Who wrote akbarnama.
Answer. Abdul Fazal.
Q. Rabindra nath recive nobel prize for which book.?
Answer. Gitanjali in 1993.
Q. who is appointed as 9th seceretary genral of U.S.
Answer. Atanogalax.

Q. PROMOTION -> 567873271 , NOTTION -> 1733271 (ANSWER)
Q. Mohan start walk in west….
Answer. 5 Km in West.
Answer. 36 E
Q. if kamla say….
Answer. kamal is Ravi’s uncle
Q. The term left to….
Answer. FK
Q. in digital computer data store in which form ?
Answer. Binary form 0 and 1.
Q. The physical structure of a computer is called.
Answer. Hardware.
Q. The file attach with E-mail is known as..
Answer. Attachment File.
Q. The Brain of Computer.
Answer. Central Processing unit.
Q. A main page of Website knoen as.
Answer. Home Page.
Q. identify the voice(active / passive) in the following sentence.
Answer. Active.
Q.Rahul Told me that HE worked in office.
Q. it’s a unique opportunity.
Q. The soldier fought with courage.
Q. masculine form of Bee.
answer. drone.
Read the comprehension (poetry)
when i consider how many light is spend
Ere half my days, in this dark world and wide
and that one talent, which is death to hide,
lodge with my useless, thought my soul more bent

Q. What is the meaning of word ERE.
answer. ahead of or before.
Q. Mention a common suitable prefix to the following words: wright,fresh,take?
Answer. Re.
Q. The mangoes in the basket are sweet, in this sentence sweet is subject or predicate.
Answer. Predicate.
Q. use conjunction in this sentence -> He was not only punished …?.. fined.
Answer. but also.
Reading comprehension passage
people takes car….Italy.

UP assistant teacher question paper :


Q. what din leonardo da vinci designed in 1478?
Answer. A self propelled vehicle.
Q. A bulb consume 2000j energy in 20 second.find out its power.
Answer. P=W/T => 2000/20 = 100 watt.
Q. name the reaction ch3-ch2-br +Naoh–> ch3-ch2-oh +Nabr.
Answer. pratisatapan abhikriya -Hindi
Q. A person travel a to b with speeb 4kmph and return 2kmph. find average speed.
Answer. 8/3 kmph.
Q. refractive index water and glass with respect to air are 4/3,3/2 . find glass to water?
Answer. 9/8.
Q. among helogens which element has highest electron affinity?
Answer. chlorin (CL).
Q. which blood vessel caries oxygenanted blood from lung to left auricle of human.
Answer. flomonari shira- hindi.

Q. An organism’s modification in….
Answer. anukolan-hindi
Q. The naked seed plant are known as.
Answer.zimnosperm(naganbiji- Hindi)
Q. Scurvy result of which vitamin deficiency.
Answer. vitamin c.
Q. which ray absorbed by ozone layer.
Answer. Ultraviolet rays prabagni- Hindi
Q. The denominator of rational no…
Answer. 7/15.
Q. Exterior angle of 10 side regular polygon.
Answer. 36 degree.
Q.if money double by simple interest rate in 25 years find rate of interest.
Answer. 4 percent. radius 10 cm and chord length 16 cm find distance of center from chord.
Answer. 6 cm.
Q. 5th January 1991 was Saturday what day on 3rd march 1992.
Answer. Tuesday.
Q. a+b=7 ,ab=12 find a2+b2 .
Answer. 25.
Q. Quadilateral three angle are same fourt angle is 75 degree. find measure of each equalangles.
Answer.95 degree.
Q. 10 book cost = 8 books of selling. find gain or loss.
Answer. 25% gain.
Q. a-b=4 , ab=21 find a3-b3.
Answer. 316.
Q. if median of following number is 63. find value of x. numbers 29,32,48,50,x,x+2,72,78,84,90.
Answer. 62.
Q. 6 men 15 days rs 2100. 9 men ,12 days rs=?.
Answer. 2520.
Q. x2-9x+18
Answer. x= 3,6.
Q. Find difference between place value and face value of 9 in 569387.
Answer. 8991.
Q. if 5 power( x+1) + 5 power (2-x) = 5 power (3) + 1 find x?.
Answer. 2.
Q. Rhombus all side 100m and diagonal 160 m . find area of Rhombus.
Answer. 9600 m2.
Q. Perimeter of right angle triangle is 24 centimeter. if it hypotenuse is 10 m. find area of triangle.
Answer. 24 m2.
Q. A= { x:x is an isosceles triangle} and B={ x:x equilateral triangle } find A intersection B.
Answer. isosceles tingle*
Q. (1/2) power 1/2 , (1/3) power 1/3 . which is larger.
Answer. (1/2) power 1/2 , (1/3) .
Q. a:b=3:4 , b:c=6:7 find a:b:c ?
Answer. 9:12:14.
Q. in a exam 94% pass and 33 students fail. find total no of apper students.
Answer. 550.
Q. A test use to know student learning problem after classroom teaching.
Answer. Rachnatamak.
Q. who introduce 5 steps system in preparation lesson planning-> Albert spensor.

Q. who introduce primary law of learning.
Answer. Tharndyik.
Q. Which aspect of student behavior is related to his interest and attitudes.
Answer. Bhavatamak-hindi.
Q. Who was profounder of Heuristic Method?
Answer. Armstrong.
Q.Which level of education is being provided a maktab.
Answer. primary education.
Q. Who was profounder of Project method of teaching.
Answer. kilpatric.
Q. Education technology III is also known as.
Answer. Colaborative Learning.
Q. Which report known as Magna carta of indian education.
Answer. Pud dispatch.
Q. Problem of wastage of stagnation related to which level of education.
Answer.Primary education Level.
Q.First French Factory established at?
Answer. surat.
Q.Who was the President of state constitution committee.
Answer. pandit jawhar lal nehru.
Q. From which country concept of concurrent list taken in Indian constitution.
Answer. Australia.
Q. Which port is situated in Katch of Gulf.
Answer. kandla port.
Q. In which country Drakensberg Mountain located?
Answer. South Africa.
Q.Give the warm ocean current flowing along eastern cost of North America.
Answer. Gulf stream.
Q. The sharda Act related to?
Answer. Child marriage.
Q. On which continent of Equator, Tropic of cancer and tropic of capricon all the three.
Answer. Africa Mahadeep – hindi
Q. When International Tiger day observed?
Answer. 29th july.
Q.What is the name of mid latitude grass- land in south Africa.


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